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The main surf point at Kabalana is – “The Rock” – which pushes up an A-Frame surf break considered to be the best in Sri Lanka. Even gentle swells rise over 2 meters in height breaking to the left and right offering rides over 200 meters in length. For the surfing connoisseur, Kabalana presents more of a “short-board” wave compared to the South Beach Point up the coast where “long-boards” might be better. Between January and March waves are at their best for intermediates and advanced surfers, and the wave often breaks in two separate crests. Even when the swell is low the main point still works well on the tides. The water is typically glassy clear in the low wind conditions of early morning.

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For beginner surfers, the Kabalana beach break offers a long stretch of sand, long breaking surf, ample surf board rentals and local surf schools to offer lessons. There are stronger currents at the south end of the beach, and no life-guards, but the main beach area is calm, safe and accessible. It’s a great place to practice your balance as the waves make their long break into shore.

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A variety of sources are available to receive surfing lessons right on the beach, and rentable surf-boards are numerous. We can either suggest a surfing instructor, or arrange one for you.

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